Catching up…

December 9, 2009

I’ve been away for the last few days and am just catching up on the happenings – will post shortly.


Holier than thou

November 30, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was out cycling to get some exercise and fresh air.  I enjoy cycling, but hate the traffic and normally get my ride in before most of the island even thinks about waking.  However, after a night out at my company’s annual dinner, I took the liberty of sleeping in and headed out in the afternoon.  Approaching the bottom of Burnt House Hill I decided to stay right and started heading up and over middle road.  A blue SUV decided to pass me with an on-coming motorbike and cut me off nicely. So I politely told him where to go with some finger action.  A common mistake of motorists is underestimating how fast I’m actually moving…yes I’m on a pedal bike, but I generally average at least around 27- 32 kph, not the leisurely plodding along.  So I’m pedaling along after said incident when I passed by a car that was following the SUV.  The lady driving then decides to start shouting and yelling and me.  Apparently, I just f*ed off a pastor which she clearly took a disliking too. 

Look lady, I don’t care who you are – you drive recklessly and make bad decisions on the roads you deserve to be told off for it. I wish at times I was wearing a camera on my helmet to depict the poor driving decisions Bermudian drivers make, especially around pedal cyclists.   This incident reminded me of the Premier parking in the loading zones by the bus station in town. As Tim Smith aptly states in the article:

everyone should fall under the same rules, including Government-owned vehicles.

and Pastors.




Westjet to service Bermuda

November 23, 2009

I am very excited to hear Westjet will start servicing the Toronto-Bermuda flight in May of next year.  I spent way too much money traveling back and forth for schooling and visiting family when I lived in Ontario.  There is little detail on what sort of pricing one can expect, but the article does say daily service which will provide good competition to Air Canada. Hopefully, this will make the flight from Toronto to Bermuda cheaper and more realistic for Canadians as a vacation destination, especially during the winter months and the rising Canadian dollar.


Keeping tabs on Gangsters

November 20, 2009

Is one of the headlines in the mornings Bermuda Sun.  The article goes on describe the initiative.

Crime fighters could soon be able to keep tabs on gangsters with electronic GPS tags. The initiative would enable security teams to track the movements of criminals in real-time, will initially be used to monitor offenders when they are released on bail. 

I’m all for fighting crime in Bermuda, but I’m not exactly sure how well this would work.  I don’t have anything that uses GPS to tell me where I am, but from what I’ve heard, it’s not overly accurate in Bermuda – please comment and let me know if it is more accurate than what I have heard but it can be at least up to a km out.  The article says that such tags would have been useful at last weeks Southside shooting…I can just see it now…umm.umm..no officer I wuz out havin a drink at white horse…I didn’t shoot no body…

They other thing I don’t understand about this is – who is going to be sitting there monitoring the system that monitors the real-time movements of criminals??  Hell, we can’t even get people to monitor the CCTV cameras all over the City of Hamilton. 

I think this is a good idea, just not well thought-out.  We are looking for quick fixes and band-aid solutions to crime in Bermuda, not the root cause of what’s going on. I think we also need to focus on good parenting, instilling morals and respect in our youth and education!


BDA adds one more

November 19, 2009

Craig Connonier is going to stand as an MP for the Bermuda Democatic Alliance.  It’s good to see the party expanding.  I don’t know much about Craig other than what the RG article states. His background is in the East End where he was raised and still lives.  However, he is a dealer of two Esso gas stations in Par-la-ville and Collector’s Hill.  So I guess we shall see…Craig doesn’t have an affiliation with either existing party which I think is good.  It is refreshing to see that BDA are attracting new faces.


Could BDA be more green?

November 17, 2009

Given the article in today’s RG on Micheal Branco and his involvement with the BDA, it should be interested to see what the BDA comes out with on the subject of environment issues.

I am hoping we see more from a sustainable standpoint making use of what Bermuda does have to offer – solar, wave generation, hopefully even a subsidy on small environmentally friendly cars – the new Nissan Leaf looks pretty cool, be nice to get those enormous SUVs off the road. Would also be interesting to see if family growth plots could be set up in parishes across the island.  Enabling those with little land or in condo housing the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables – even starting this up in schools would be great. I’m not sure if that is done already, but we didn’t have a school garden when I was in school.


BDA Event Schedule

November 17, 2009

Well looks as though the BDA is getting it’s act together.  They’ve posted an event schedule on their website.  I haven’t seen or heard anything is the newspaper or radio, but I don’t generally buy or listen to either.  Will be interesting to see what media sources they use to get info out to the general public.



So I’m a little confused by this…

November 13, 2009

Both Luke Armstrong and Roger Bowen were driving drunk when the accidents occur.  Police allege Roger Bowen crossed into the lane of Larry Thomas since his van was found on the wrong side of the road.  Luke Armstrong’s heavy truck veered onto the wrong side of the road when he struck Winston Burrows based on scrape marks in the road.  Winston Burrows later tests showed he had alcohol and cocaine in his system. Larry Thomas also had more than twice the legal amount of alcohol and cannabis in his bloodstream when he died.  

Roger Bowen gets off on a legal technicality relating to evidence surrounding the breath test.  There was no evidence regarding any breath test result shared with the jury in Luke Armstrong’s case. Luke Armstrong is an expat. Roger Brown – I’m assuming Bermudian, but I couldn’t find anything in the RG articles stating his citizenship. 

Luke Armstrong is guilty and yet Roger Bowen is cleared.


Dockyard Mega-yacht Marina

November 12, 2009

There have been a few articles surfacing about the proposed mega-yacht marina in Dockyard including Ewart Brown’s comments on how much it will increase tourism in today’s RG. I have a number of issues with this whole proposal. 

Along with New Onion, I am concerned about who will get the contract for it – who’s pockets are my tax dollars lining now?  Anything the government has built to date seems to run incredibly over budget.  No-one seems to know who South Basin Development Ltd is, which is already increasing my suspicions over the project and who is supposed to benefit from it – tourism or the owners of South Basin Development who ever they are (more Ewart Brown cronies) ??  According the RG,  South Basin Development was created specifically for this project and was incorporated only last week…my suspions are increasing…did this project not go out for tender??

There is also the issue of whether Bermuda’s current infrastructure can support the mega cruise ships and a mega yacht marina.  When asked Ewart Brown said:

The proposed development of a mega-yacht marina at Dockyard creates opportunities for product development both at Dockyard and in other areas. Also, it is not uncommon to find harbour shuttles or “water taxis” to transfer people between the marina and various areas in and around the destination.

While the ferry service already exists there also exists the opportunity for a water taxi service for this segment, a service that is more on demand and personalised.

Ah, so this is where the St. Georges commuter ferry will be headed in the future…well I’m glad we got that cleared up.  As for water taxis, if someone thought that was a viable option I’m sure it would have been done by now.  But I’m not sure what tourist would want to get into a small water taxis that is probably going to take longer to get to town than a normal ferry, be a less pleasant ride, and could potentially cost more.  I guess one could think of something like the Newstead ferry could work – but the Newstead ferry crosses the harbor which is far calmer than the great sound. 

Dockyard has the potential to be an amazing little place, but when talking with store owners in the clock tower, most seem fed up with WEDCO.  Earlier this year, Dockyard traders were upset with WEDCO after their decision not to offer rent relief for the first time in 15 years.  WEDCO certainly doesn’t seem to be making it any easier for those that want to development Dockyard…funny cause one would think it would be in their best interest to do the reverse.


St. Georges Mayor signs petition

November 10, 2009

RG reported that a petition is now going around St. Georges ferry users against Government’s announcement yesterday that it would cease the route for winter.  I find it interesting that The Department of Marine and Ports is left apologizing to the general pubic…who is our Minister of Transportation again??  Oh wait, that would be Ewart Brown – can’t have this bad press tied to him now can we?!  But he makes sure he’s out and about during any positive press or photo ops!