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Bermuda International Race Weekend

October 31, 2008

So I’m looking at doing the Bermuda Triangle Challenge having completed the full challenge last year.  Hopefully, this year they will actually recognize the winners with the lowest times.  I was really vexed with that last year even though there were only 13 of us that completed it.  So I’m looking at signing up for the event and get to the category selection and corresponding prices:

Bermuda International Race Weekend 2009

Select a Category: click for help Price: Member Price
10K Run
Age must be at least 12 as of 1/17/2009.
$20.00 $18.00
Half Marathon
Age must be at least 16 as of 1/18/2009.
$50.00 $48.00
Age must be at least 16 as of 1/18/2009.
$60.00 $58.00
Bermuda Triangle Challenge
Age must be at least 16 as of 1/16/2009.
$125.00 $123.00
Bermuda Triangle Half Challenge
Age must be at least 16 as of 1/16/2009.
$125.00 $123.00
10K Charity Walk $20.00 $18.00

Now I’m confused….the Bermuda Triangle Half and Full Challenge are $125!  I could qualify for the front street mile, sign up for the 10km and the marathon and still have it only cost me $80!  I’m sure a the custom Triangle Challenge t-shirt and medal don’t cost $45.  So why the huge discrepancy in price?

Last year, if I remember correctly, signing up for the Triangle Challenge was cheaper than signing up for the combined races. So is the price gouging due to the fact there are only 400 spots?? (which we didn’t even come close to filling last year!) Or because we expect the majority of those to be tourists off island so we make them pay even more on top of air fare and hotels to race.

As a side note: If Bermuda Track and Field Association hopes to get 400 people to race the challenge next year, I sure hope they have their water stops better maned then last year. Two water stops back to back were not set up last year – man was I glad I was racing with my fuel belt and had supportive parents!


Faith based events

May 20, 2008

I was checking out the Bermuda tourism website today for details on the Bermuda Music Festival.  I was curious to find a section of the website dedicated to faith based events…or the lack there of. 


Bermuda/Asian Heritage Night at Shea Stadium

May 14, 2008

According to an article in Bermuda Sun, Bermuda night at Shea Stadium was actually shared with Asian Heritage night which was prominently displayed on the scoreboard.  Department of Tourism had a luxury box with some 70 Bermudians attending the game.  Included in the list of attendees was HSBC Bank of Bermuda president Philip Butterfield…I am curious as to who paid his airfare and hotel accommodation?

According to Dr. Brown,

They estimate they’ll have four million people in the park for the season, but who knows who many millions on television? 

Of course those viewing from the privacy of their own homes will only see the promotional advertising if cameras pan to the flat screens and monitors actually displaying the messages and the font of the advertisments is big enough to read from tv screens. 

The promotional deal is costing the Department of Tourism $500,000. Judging by the attendance in the stadium, I’m wondering if this is a sound investment to market the island.


Bermuda Flavours

February 21, 2008

Thomas Frost, executive chef of Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and Christopher Chafe, executive chef of Fairmont Southampton Princess showcased a variety of Bermudian dishes this weekend to Bostonians in a weekend event at Fairmont Copley.  In addition, Malcolm Gosling was on-site promoting Bermudian Rum and Joel McDonell producer of Bermuda’s own Gombey Jam Factory.

From the write up in the Royal Gazette, the weekend event sounds like a huge success and a great way to promote Bermuda as a tourist destination.  Although, that article doesn’t state the type of people that were at this event – chefs looking for new twists?  Fairmont guests only?  General public?

By the looks of things the event was mainly organized by Fairmont and had no Ministry of Tourism involvement (from what I can tell anyway).  It will hopefully entice more visitors to the island to see what else the island has to offer other than unique cuisine.  The Ministry of Tourism should take some notes.


Vulnerable Tourism

January 25, 2008

Mr. Richards suggested that islanders closely watch the turmoil in the US today as it could greatly effect our tourism industry.   Bermuda need not worry since we opened a brand new tourism office in Beijing and China’s markets are supporting global growth! So the current state of the US markets shouldn’t be an excuse when the next set of inaccurate visitor numbers are published.