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Cost Cutting on Education

January 15, 2010

I was going to make a comment on yesterday’s RG article to close five primary schools, but the day just escaped me.  Today’s headline says it all “School closures a cost-cutting measure”.  If this is any insight into this years budget and how in debt we actually are it’s scary! 

It is clear with the young black male study that students are dropping out in large numbers

It is clear from released school figures that the public education is sadly lacking behind in GCSE scores in comparison to private education. 

It is clear from Bermuda Statistics that education is one of the key areas that leads to the gap in earnings between Bermudians and ex-pats. 

So what does Government decide to do??  Cut educations budget!  Let’s put Bermudians at a further disadvantage!  Government needs to be cutting costs elsewhere like civil service not sitting in first class (I was pretty shocked when I read they travel in first class to begin with!), not Education.


Monday morning news

January 11, 2010

I awoke to headlines of another road fatality and shooting…were these not the same headlines I read Monday of last week?  I can’t help but wonder if these headlines will become a recurring theme I read every Monday morning?