In summary…

December 17, 2009

Apparently, according to radio news there was another shooting and murder early this morning.   Awaiting further details… 

I’ve had a glimpse at this mornings paper…where to begin? Dill was found guilty and will be serving an automatic life sentence. Dill’s mother commenting on how he was a happy kid.  Sounds similar to other mothers with the ‘not my kid’ routine, but Dill’s mother didn’t really raise him, his grandmother did, and she didn’t live with him.  Doesn’t sound as though she was that involved with his upbringing from an outsider looking in. 

The increase in crime and violence stems from a number of issues: lack of parenting, lack of discipline, lack of eduction and the list goes on – all of which everyone knows of, but nothing is being done to address them. I stumbled upon this quote in a Toronto Star article that sums it up nicely:

“Our kids are a mess…They are overmedicated, overindulged, overweight, overentertained, undereducated, underachieving, underdisciplined, disrespectful, illiterate brats with a sense of entitlement that is crippling society.”

The Royal Gazette’s injunction is for a 72-hour period…so hopefully we’ll know more by Saturday morning.  In the meantime, rumors are flying over what said article could be about.  Unfortunately, with this government, the list is quite long!


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