This too shall pass

December 11, 2009

The naivety of out Premier never seizes to amaze me!  The Royal Gazette came out with an article quoting the Premier claiming that the Uighur issue and protests have passed.  Does he not realize the increased unrest and frustration this issue caused, it’s the icing on the cake!  I completely agree with Kim Swan’s statement that:

What has not passed for us is the deliberate abuse of the rules of this land by the Premier and the fact that his party let him get away with it.

It may be the case that hundreds of people aren’t standing on the lawn of the House of Assembly over the Uighur issue – but more and more Bermudians have had enough with the direction this island is taking. They are tired of experts and reports that the Government commissions and then never acts on!  The Peace March on the House today tackling increased crime and violence on the island.  A new party has formed in the last six months which appears to be growing and increasing in momentum. A record number of residents wrote in regarding the lack of retroactivity, among other issues, with PATI. The Uighur issue may appear to have ‘passed’ in the eyes of our naive Premier and the PLP, but Bermudians took note and are fed up!  At least this one is…

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