Holier than thou

November 30, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was out cycling to get some exercise and fresh air.  I enjoy cycling, but hate the traffic and normally get my ride in before most of the island even thinks about waking.  However, after a night out at my company’s annual dinner, I took the liberty of sleeping in and headed out in the afternoon.  Approaching the bottom of Burnt House Hill I decided to stay right and started heading up and over middle road.  A blue SUV decided to pass me with an on-coming motorbike and cut me off nicely. So I politely told him where to go with some finger action.  A common mistake of motorists is underestimating how fast I’m actually moving…yes I’m on a pedal bike, but I generally average at least around 27- 32 kph, not the leisurely plodding along.  So I’m pedaling along after said incident when I passed by a car that was following the SUV.  The lady driving then decides to start shouting and yelling and me.  Apparently, I just f*ed off a pastor which she clearly took a disliking too. 

Look lady, I don’t care who you are – you drive recklessly and make bad decisions on the roads you deserve to be told off for it. I wish at times I was wearing a camera on my helmet to depict the poor driving decisions Bermudian drivers make, especially around pedal cyclists.   This incident reminded me of the Premier parking in the loading zones by the bus station in town. As Tim Smith aptly states in the article:

everyone should fall under the same rules, including Government-owned vehicles.

and Pastors.



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