Could BDA be more green?

November 17, 2009

Given the article in today’s RG on Micheal Branco and his involvement with the BDA, it should be interested to see what the BDA comes out with on the subject of environment issues.

I am hoping we see more from a sustainable standpoint making use of what Bermuda does have to offer – solar, wave generation, hopefully even a subsidy on small environmentally friendly cars – the new Nissan Leaf looks pretty cool, be nice to get those enormous SUVs off the road. Would also be interesting to see if family growth plots could be set up in parishes across the island. ¬†Enabling those with little land or in condo housing the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables – even starting this up in schools would be great. I’m not sure if that is done already, but we didn’t have a school garden when I was in school.


One comment

  1. Stop throwing metals in Castle Harbour, and then we’ll talk green.

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