Dockyard Mega-yacht Marina

November 12, 2009

There have been a few articles surfacing about the proposed mega-yacht marina in Dockyard including Ewart Brown’s comments on how much it will increase tourism in today’s RG. I have a number of issues with this whole proposal. 

Along with New Onion, I am concerned about who will get the contract for it – who’s pockets are my tax dollars lining now?  Anything the government has built to date seems to run incredibly over budget.  No-one seems to know who South Basin Development Ltd is, which is already increasing my suspicions over the project and who is supposed to benefit from it – tourism or the owners of South Basin Development who ever they are (more Ewart Brown cronies) ??  According the RG,  South Basin Development was created specifically for this project and was incorporated only last week…my suspions are increasing…did this project not go out for tender??

There is also the issue of whether Bermuda’s current infrastructure can support the mega cruise ships and a mega yacht marina.  When asked Ewart Brown said:

The proposed development of a mega-yacht marina at Dockyard creates opportunities for product development both at Dockyard and in other areas. Also, it is not uncommon to find harbour shuttles or “water taxis” to transfer people between the marina and various areas in and around the destination.

While the ferry service already exists there also exists the opportunity for a water taxi service for this segment, a service that is more on demand and personalised.

Ah, so this is where the St. Georges commuter ferry will be headed in the future…well I’m glad we got that cleared up.  As for water taxis, if someone thought that was a viable option I’m sure it would have been done by now.  But I’m not sure what tourist would want to get into a small water taxis that is probably going to take longer to get to town than a normal ferry, be a less pleasant ride, and could potentially cost more.  I guess one could think of something like the Newstead ferry could work – but the Newstead ferry crosses the harbor which is far calmer than the great sound. 

Dockyard has the potential to be an amazing little place, but when talking with store owners in the clock tower, most seem fed up with WEDCO.  Earlier this year, Dockyard traders were upset with WEDCO after their decision not to offer rent relief for the first time in 15 years.  WEDCO certainly doesn’t seem to be making it any easier for those that want to development Dockyard…funny cause one would think it would be in their best interest to do the reverse.


  1. of course cruise ships are expensive but of course the trip is very nice ~’*

  2. It’s baaaaack….

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