BDA on HOTT 107.5

November 9, 2009

I tuned in a little late last night to BDA on HOTT 107.5 and listened to probably almost an hour and a half of the show.  There was a lot of smooth talking but very little discussion on any form of platform or resolution to issues which I found pretty disappointing. I don’t comprehend why a party would hop on the radio for 2 hours to have people call in to discuss the issues when you aren’t going to discuss how you are prepared to solve them – why bother we all know what the issues are already?!  According to BDA, they will be holding a number of town hall type meetings for open discussion to come up with the solutions to their issues and we can look forward to hearing their proposed solutions and platform in the new year.   

There were several callers, including Rolfe Commissiong, that wanted to discuss race and the BDA’s stance on race or lack there of.   The BDA continually enforced that they want to take race out of politics to help unite Bermuda.  From an idealist standpoint, I definitely think this the route we need to go down.  From a realist standpoint, I don’t see how this going to be possible in Bermuda in the current racial climate. 

The BDA did discuss that most of their current members come from a business background and that they wanted to run this like a business.  In addition, they wanted to welcome new members to join but stressed that they were only interested in those that support their core values. They are willing to turn away people who don’t support all of the core values. I’m not quite sure what to think of this just yet – in one sense I agree, since you want members that are united to support a common cause, in another sense I disagree with it because you’re only interested in people who support exactly what you want and can’t say otherwise.  Granted having re-read the core values, I think most Bermudians would agree with all of them. 

I have yet to see how the BDA has really differentiated themselves from UBP other than giving themselves a new name and mentioning how young and youthful the party and members are.  I heard more about PLP members waiting in the wings which I’m still doubting, but maybe I’m just being pessimistic.  The BDA are very good at talking the talk, but I’m really interested to see if they are going to be able to walk the walk.  I guess only time will tell…

In summary, I really didn’t hear anything new last night that I already didn’t know about the party or could have read about on their website.


One comment

  1. So, am I right in thinking they spent most of the time waffling?

    I support the idea of having a bunch of core values that members should support; I personally believe both the UBP and PLP need to introduce something along those lines if for no other reason than clarifying their ideological positions. My problem with the DA’s core values so far is that they are so vacuous as to be meaningless at the moment. They are really coming across as a gelatinous blob, contorting itself so as to not offend anyone by not taking a solid position on anything. Which brings to mind that old saying about pleasing no one when one tries to please everyone.

    I am really curious about how they intend to take race out of the political equation. It is there because we do have some systemic racial issues which are not being adequately addressed. At the moment they just seem to be fobbing off any discussion of race beyond the bland statement that they want to take race out of politics. It seems to me they are adopting that foolhardy position that if we don’t talk about it it’ll go away. Kind of like expecting dirty dishes to clean themselves.

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