Even scarier numbers…

November 6, 2009

I thought the graduation percentage stats were bad…but this:

At Berkeley, students sat exams in 12 subjects including science, English, maths, drama, Spanish and business. None of the students achieved an A* the highest possible rating. Six were awarded an A three in drama, one in Spanish and one in business. Two further students received As in Spanish at the GCE level.


Thirty-six of the 86 students who took the English exam passed ten were awarded a B, with the remainder receiving a grade of C.


Sixty-five students sat the maths exam six attained a B grade, 19 achieved a C grade. Nineteen students received a U.

It is very clear from international standards that we are failing in education.  What does 99% graduation rate matter if 19 students at Berkeley got a U in Maths??  How do we expect these students to be able to obtain decent post-graduate education overseas let along jobs in the international business or insurance sector?



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