BDA being painted as UBP

November 6, 2009

I’m all for a change in Bermuda politics.  The BDA may be able to offer something new and fresh to the arena and I’m really hoping they develop into that, but they need to start doing things differently and getting better organized! 

Today’s RG came out with the following in their article covering the press conference of the BDA yesterday:

A large proportion present yesterday had a UBP connection including Susan Jackson, daughter of MP Louise Jackson, Michael Swan, brother of MP Charlie Swan and former branch chair Sean Soares. Mr. Crockwell said former PLP members were currently waiting in the wings, not yet ready to make their own appearances.

Not yet ready to make their own appearance??  You are launching the new party and had everyone’s attention and your former PLP members aren’t ready to make their own appearance and are waiting in the wings?!

Sounds weak – if you’re really ready to make a difference for this island, you are ready to be seen and be heard whether you are from a UBP or PLP background.  With only UBP faces willing to be seen in public, BDA will be quickly be seen as just another out-posting from the UBP.



  1. Welcome back 🙂

    Right now, the BDA indeed appears to be a group of disgruntled former UBP supporters and not the cross-sectional group it claims to be. Any ‘waiting in the wings’ talk is a bunch of baloney at the moment.

  2. I love the “connections” they made!

    Like you couldn’t make those sorts of “connections” to pretty much ANYONE on the island!

  3. The connections they made where pretty entertaining…the whole six degrees of separation thing is only like 2 degrees in Bermuda!

  4. […] newly resurgent Bda Longtail criticises the DA for the disorganisation that it is conveying, namely in its failure to get its frequently referred […]

  5. It’s worth noting that some of the current PLP MPs are the children of former UBP members (including Dr. Brown).

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