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Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

December 9, 2008

An article came out in yesterdays Royal Gazette as well as on the PLP Blog on Bermuda’s commitment to stopping foreign tax cheats.  Paula Cox told the Royal Gazette:

This Government shares Senator’s Levin’s concerns about tax dodgers. Bermuda has assisted the United States in its efforts to stem tax evasion for 20 years through the tax treaty that was signed in 1988.

Indeed the US Internal Revenue Service has commended Bermuda for its very co-operative assistance through the tax treaty.  The Government of Bermuda has established and maintained positive relationships on Capitol Hill and the tax treaty should stand us in good stead there be a need.

I really don’t see the US leaving Bermuda out of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act because we’ve helped them with a few tax dodgers over the last 20 years.  I hope reminding the US Government of this help isn’t Governments sole strategy to tackle Obama’s plan to shut down tax havens.


Wayne Furbert finally quits

December 9, 2008

After threatening to quit the UBP for months, Wayne Furbert has finally done it!  I think at one time he probably brought a lot to the table for the UBP, however, recently he seems to have done more harm than good especially in terms of the press.

My favourite quote in the Royal Gazette article (will link to it once it’s on-line) is:

I have been accused of everything – every leak in the paper they look at me.

Gee, I wonder why???

I think if he really wants change he’s done the right thing in leaving the party.  The UBP doesn’t seem to be changing much, in my opinion, even though there is much talk of change the general public certainly isn’t seeing it.   Hopefully, others that want change from both parties will follow and those in the community that are tired of the current political climate will step up to the plate.