Furbert running his mouth again…

November 18, 2008

Wayne Furbert continued pouring out against the UBP to the Royal Gazette again yesterday with the following:

During the Throne Speech debate in the House of Assembly, Mr. Furbert said: “The UBP mentions that people need to feel free to express themselves. When I expressed myself a few weeks ago, I was almost thrown out of the whip.”

Of course!  You sat there and publicly criticised the candidate your party chose to represent  constituency #31 in the upcoming bi-election.  You make you’re opinions know in caucus and let it rest on what the party, as a whole, decides and you move forward with them.  I’m pretty sure when the UBP bring up freedom of speech and change they are talking about the freedom of the public to bring forth new ideas – not their own candidates running to the papers every time they don’t get their way.  Either grow up or get out!


One comment

  1. Wayne has become an embarrassment to both himself and the UBP. His oft-repeated threats to reveal the dirty laundry of the party in general, and chairman Michael Fahy specifically, are blackmail. If he had any sense of honour he would resign from the party.

    Nevertheless the party’s recent failure to even censure him makes you wonder if perhaps the party does have some dirty secrets it doesn’t want to get out. Otherwise surely an attempt to blackmail your party would warrant immediate expulsion from it?

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