Expat ID cards

November 14, 2008

So Expats are to be issued ID cards so that immigration can track down illegal immigrants.  There has been some interesting comments over on Bermuda is Another World. Blankman read my mind when he responded to the following question:

How is “Immigration Enforcement”gonna differentiate between Bermudians and Guest Workers…??

Easy.  Does the individual look like a “real” Bermudian?  If not, ask for their ID and if they claim they’re Bermudian/SoB/PRC either (1) take their word for it, (2) send them home for ID [of course if they’re illegals what are the chances of them coming back], or (3) put them in custody until they can produce acceptable proof of their status [which means that you could be jailed simply for not looking like a “real” Bermudian, or sounding like one, or for simply annoying the Compliance officer

A while back Doug over at FreshieBlog commented on what a ‘Real’ Bermudian seems to consitute here and I completely agree with him.  I freqently get mistaken as Canadian after having living there for 9 years for education purposes. However, I am a born Bermudian…should be interesting to see what happens here…



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