Proverty pays for shiny cars

June 20, 2008

According to Phil Perinchief, former Attorney General, between 25 and 30 percent of Bermuda’s population falls below the poverty line.  The Premier commissioned the study but it wasn’t released because it was politicaly volatile.  Mr. Burgess replied with “It doesn’t benefit us to sit on it, why?” and “We certainly haven’t been sitting on it for over a year.” 

Government shouldn’t be sitting on it at all.  If taxpayer’s money is being used to pay for the study then taxpayer’s have a right to know the result of the study as soon as the study is complete.  How many other studies have been commissioned by the government and taxpayer’s money that taxpayer’s don’t even know about??? This one is news to me!

Of course it benefits you!  With the Premier running off donating taxpayers money to parties at the Playboy mansion, buying a new $80,000 G1 car (just the beginning of among a long list of unnecessary expenditures) when we have 25-30% of the population below the poverty line – hiding this type of information is a priority.  Government does want the population to know how badly they are failing them – especially the poorest part of the population which needs the most help from Governments social programs! 


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