Response to Letter to the Editor

June 19, 2008

I’ve been out for a while – but could not pass up responding to this.  There have been similar letters to the editor publish in both the Royal Gazette and the Bermuda Sun.  I have taken the liberty of copying the letter written in the Royal Gazette below in order to respond and for any who may have missed it:

June 17, 2008

Dear Sir,

I take exception to the reckless and erroneous manner in which an event my husband and I and friends attend and support here in Los Angeles is being addressed in the House. It is important to me that Mrs. Jackson is given an honest, supported view rather than one filled with old pictures, distorted news and pure weapons of mass distraction for Bermudians.

In May my brother and his wife, the Premier and Mrs. Brown, made an “unofficial” visit to Los Angeles. He played golf, we had a family dinner and on the afternoon of his birthday, he was honoured with a celebration again with family and friends. Later that evening, what has become a topic of conversation, was the Playboy Mansion affair. Here in Southern California, we have hundreds of venues where fundraisers are held nightly! The Playboy Mansion happens to be one of them.

What really matters here to me, by the way, is not where it was held, but that a father came to support his son in his endeavours without judgment. This nonprofit organisation, brilliantly organised by my nephew, to go into countries to help in the aftermath of disasters! This young man, without notice, leaves his wife, children and medical practice, to go around the world with a medical team that he assembled to save lives. Now that is newsworthy! I hope Mrs. Jackson and the UBP will take sometime on the floor of the House and expand upon the ending to our family visit in Los Angeles. The only part really matters in my book.

Our family of nine spent more than two hours at our Spiritual Community, Agape International Centre. A proclamation from Los Angeles County filled with the good work my brother did in Los Angeles for over (20) years was presented to him. The Mayor of Culver City presented him with the key to the City. However, most important was that we sat in a House of Worship with 1,100 other people. We sat in meditation. We sat in prayer. We sang, we listened, we healed. Peace and Blessings,


Los Angeles

P.s. I have not read any articles so far praising the fact that those that were successful in their bids for the trips to Bermuda will not be generating “tourist” dollars for the island.


First off, I think it’s great that the Premier spent time with his family and friends out in Los Angeles – playing golf and celebrating his birthday with family and friends.  I really don’t care what the Premier decides to do in his personal life including spending an evening gambling withbunnies out at the Playboy Mansion in order to “support his son in his endeavours without judgment”.

What I DO have a SERIOUS problem with is the fact that he’s been sending TAXPAYER’S DOLLARS OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS to do it!!! 



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