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Bermuda Gymnasts heading to Nationals

May 23, 2008

Mid Ocean news reported the success of Bermuda’s budding gymansts in a meet in New York this past weekend.  I doubt any MPs or media were at the airport to greet them, but then again they aren’t playing cricket. I’m also sure the Bermuda Gymnastics Association doesn’t receive anything close to $11 million in funding – if any at all.  


Faith based events

May 20, 2008

I was checking out the Bermuda tourism website today for details on the Bermuda Music Festival.  I was curious to find a section of the website dedicated to faith based events…or the lack there of. 


Well I never!

May 20, 2008

A crazy accident  where a photographer got a little too close to the javelin pitch and ended up with a javelin through his leg?!  Luckily no major blood vessels, nerves or tendons were torn!


Bermuda/Asian Heritage Night at Shea Stadium

May 14, 2008

According to an article in Bermuda Sun, Bermuda night at Shea Stadium was actually shared with Asian Heritage night which was prominently displayed on the scoreboard.  Department of Tourism had a luxury box with some 70 Bermudians attending the game.  Included in the list of attendees was HSBC Bank of Bermuda president Philip Butterfield…I am curious as to who paid his airfare and hotel accommodation?

According to Dr. Brown,

They estimate they’ll have four million people in the park for the season, but who knows who many millions on television? 

Of course those viewing from the privacy of their own homes will only see the promotional advertising if cameras pan to the flat screens and monitors actually displaying the messages and the font of the advertisments is big enough to read from tv screens. 

The promotional deal is costing the Department of Tourism $500,000. Judging by the attendance in the stadium, I’m wondering if this is a sound investment to market the island.


Quote of the Day

May 12, 2008

Public Safety Minister David Burch’s quote into today’s Royal Gazette says it all when asked if the MV Guardian had been money well spent:

“It wasn’t a decision that I made.”

I’m assuming someone had to approve spending for the $1.7 million dollar boat somewhere along the line??

Close second:

“It doesn’t go out very often because there is no requirement for it to.”

So why did we buy in the first place?


For all the nerds like me out there…

May 1, 2008

I was sent this link a link today on intelligent memory and thought it was really nifty.  What this type of memory could contribute to research areas such as AI, neural nets and machine learning is huge!


National Heroes Day

May 1, 2008

Let’s review National Heroes Day.  My understanding is that it is to be an annual holiday to honour a different Bermudian icon.  However, according to Mr. Butler a national hero may only actually be named every three or ten years.   The national committee already established for the naming of buildings will be making the recommendations to Government as to who we honour on this day.  There’s already been a big out-cry about axing the Queen’s birthday in June in order to celebrate National Heroes Day in October.  I don’t see why we can’t find better ways of paying homage to those who have made a difference on this island and leave our public holidays out of it.

Instead of paying tribute to these heroes for a single day and then quickly forget about them and their contributions; it seems Bermuda could find better ways to honour those that have greatly contributed to this island.  The Bermuda Bar Association has created a new scholarship in honour of Dame Lois Browne-Evans.  This, to me, seems to be a better way to honour her given that she was Bermuda’s first female barrister.  In addition, it means all those applying for the scholarship will read up on her, keeping her contributions alive for upcoming generations.