Legislating Road Safety

April 22, 2008

Premier Ewart Brown has issued yet another appeal for motorists to exercise safety.  One approach currently being explored is additional legislation. However, even the Premier admits he doubts further legislation is going to work.

I am compelled to tell you that I don’t know how much new legislation will help our current situation. I believe so many of our road tragedies happen not because of legislation, but in spite of it. Legislation requires that we wear seat belts, too often it is ignored. Legislation carries stiff penalties for those who drive legally drunk, yet it still happens. Legislation outlines a specific speed limit for our roads, yet drivers routinely drive too fast.

Clearly legislation is not the answer, so why are we spending more of the tax’s payers money exploring this option further?  Assistant Commissioner Jackman seems to have clued in that there is a need for education on road safety and unsafe behaviour through law enforcement.

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