Continue to burn fuel

April 12, 2008

Well, it’s look as though Burn Fat, Not Fuel day pretty much flopped in terms of the numbers that took public transportation.  We don’t have figures on the number of people that walked/cycled vs. regularly drive, but I didn’t hear of a great reduction in traffic Friday morning from co-workers.  The Royal Gazette quoted Derek Wellman a Rockway ferry pilot:

Mr. Wellman said he thought ‘Burn Fat Not Fuel Day’ was “a good idea”, but he said that having it on a Friday was less likely to make a difference.

“I think if they’d had it on any other day they would have had a bigger response because on Fridays people tend to drive more because they go out to dinner or stay in town to have drinks.”  

Further support of my previous rant that there is not enough public tranportation after 6:30pm. 

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