What pizza is this?

April 11, 2008

Minister of Health Nelson Bascome stated the following today in promoting Governments ‘Burn Fat, not Fuel’ day in the Royal Gazette:

Burning body fat instead of fossil fuels is a great way to protect the environment and our health.  Remember that a one-mile walk can burn the equivalent calories of a small doughnut; and a two-mile jog can burn off two slices of that pizza you had last night.

I would love to know what pizza you had last night!  According to Pizza Pizza’s nutrition information on-line a single slice of of a SMALL pepperoni pizza is 200 calories.  Now, with all the calorie burning calculators on-line these day, one can easilyassess the validity of Mr. Bascome’s statement.

I tested out the numbers for a person weighing 135lbs (presumably female) and one 165lbs (male).  I assumed the person would be running at approximately 7 mph (9 mins/mile) which would result in the two mile jog taking 18 minutes.  I got the following numbers:

                                       Calories  burned
Jogging 2 miles
     135lbs                          211 calories
165lbs                          258 calories

I couldn’t find out if the on-line calculator incorporated your basal metabolic rate(BMR), in which case those calorie burned numbers could be even lower!  Thus, NO a two-mile jog is not going to burn off the calories of those two slices of pizza you had last night.  Granted, one needs to consume some calories in order to function, but I’m sure most residents aren’t consuming just two small pizza slices as their main dinner. 

No wonder Bermuda has obesity problems with statements like this being thrown around!



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