Burn Fat, Not Fuel

April 11, 2008

I took the ferry in as usual this morning and didn’t notice any real significant increase in the number of people taking the ferry or decrease of cars in the parking lot (evidence of people burning fat walking instead of driving). There wasn’t really a huge incentive for people to partake in the event other than free transportation which doesn’t appear to speak to too many residents. I am curious to see if there was any significant increase in numbers using public transportation today.   

If the Premier really wants residents to help the environment by taking public transportation then maybe offering a break on bike or car licensing fees for those that prove regular public transportation use – display monthly passes. Toronto gives tax breaks to residents that include recipets showing purchases of monthly TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) passes.  This might actually entice more people to consider taking public transportation to and from work on the weekdays and leave bike/car use to the weekends cutting down on weekday congestion.  At least until public transpiration is free… 

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