US tourism

April 8, 2008

The US recession has appears to be hurting the tourism industry from the US the Royal Gazette reported today. Premier Dr. Ewart Brown is quoted stating:

The US economic slowdown obviously has our attention.  In an effort to stem that potential tide we are grateful to have the extra airlift out of London.  Numbers from the UK are consistently strong and we want to build on that momentum.  We also have the ability to up the marketing ante in the UK.

Did the Premier not just ink a deal with the New York Mets to help market Bermuda as a tourist destination??  As far as I know the cost of that deal has yet to revealed. I wonder how much additional ‘ante’ the Premier has to spend on marketing Bermuda in the UK?  Better yet, given the downturn in the US economy, why did the Minster of Tourism decide to ink a deal marketing Bermuda in the US to begin with??

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