Bigger Prison

February 22, 2008

Well Bermuda is going need much bigger prisons if Sen. Burch has his way.  Yes, let’s lock up the single mother because her son was involved in some act of violence while she was out late working several jobs to provide for her children and at home watching them.  This way her other children can follow suit of the eldest son?!  (One extreme scenario). 

IMHO, it takes a community to raise a child.  There seems to have been a shift in thinking about how children are raised from being community based to the parents sole responsibility.  I clearly remember being put in my place by family friends and teachers, not solely my parents.  Teachers seem to have been stripped of any power to discipline incidents in the classroom (I remember being appalled when I read this, although I believe the student was suspended at some point after the BUT stepped in).  I think discipline is an aspect of the education system that also needs some careful consideration when we look at revamping the education system. 

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