Bermuda Flavours

February 21, 2008

Thomas Frost, executive chef of Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and Christopher Chafe, executive chef of Fairmont Southampton Princess showcased a variety of Bermudian dishes this weekend to Bostonians in a weekend event at Fairmont Copley.  In addition, Malcolm Gosling was on-site promoting Bermudian Rum and Joel McDonell producer of Bermuda’s own Gombey Jam Factory.

From the write up in the Royal Gazette, the weekend event sounds like a huge success and a great way to promote Bermuda as a tourist destination.  Although, that article doesn’t state the type of people that were at this event – chefs looking for new twists?  Fairmont guests only?  General public?

By the looks of things the event was mainly organized by Fairmont and had no Ministry of Tourism involvement (from what I can tell anyway).  It will hopefully entice more visitors to the island to see what else the island has to offer other than unique cuisine.  The Ministry of Tourism should take some notes.

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