Talent vs. Race

January 20, 2008

There has been a flurry of activity both in the papers and on various blogs as to the future of the UBP and its leadership.  I am have recently returned to the island after almost 8 years of schooling away and am disheartened that the major theme running throughout all of these articles is race.  It is unfortunate that the majority of Bermudians today seem to be solely focused on the colour of one’s skin and not their talents and ideas.  I shadow Mrs. Gordon-Pamplin sentiments that:

People should be pushed to the fore on the strength of their talents and their talents alone.  Have we really reached a stage in this country where the only consideration is the colour of someone’s skin?

She was responding to Mr. Crockwell’s comments (more on UBP future later). With CURE legislation, pre-election digs and commentary from our Premier during the election this unfortunately seems to be the case.  I don’t recall Bermuda being like this before I left, but maybe I was too young or naive to notice it then. 

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