New approach to Education

January 16, 2008

I was very interested to read Mr. Kevin Comeau’s new approach for Bermuda’s education system last week in the Royal Gazette. I agree with Mr. Comeau in that parents need to become more involved in their child’s education. Mr. Comeau argues that,

If the government really wants parents to become meaningfully involved in their children’s education, it should require teachers to post on the web every single day both the homework assignments and the teacher’s daily lesson plan so that parents can review with their children what they learned in school that day.

Firstly, I agree that the complete curriculum/lesson plans should be available to parents so that parents can take interest in what their children are learning.  I have navigated around the Bermuda Government’s Education website and have yet to be able to find the curriculum taught at each grade level.  (If someone does know where this is posted – it’s possible that I missed it- please point me in the direction of it).  

However, I don’t believe posting homework assignments should be a requirement placed on individual teachers every single day.  I would prefer to have teachers spending their valuable time bettering the education of the children in their class by preparing lessons, extra help, marking etc. as opposed to posting homework assignments on-line for parents.  Related to this, I am concerned that in posting homework on-line the responsibility of homework will shift from the child to the parent.  It is up to the children to take note of what their homework is, make sure they go home with what they require, and complete it otherwise suffer the consequences.

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