Cost Cutting on Education

January 15, 2010

I was going to make a comment on yesterday’s RG article to close five primary schools, but the day just escaped me.  Today’s headline says it all “School closures a cost-cutting measure”.  If this is any insight into this years budget and how in debt we actually are it’s scary! 

It is clear with the young black male study that students are dropping out in large numbers

It is clear from released school figures that the public education is sadly lacking behind in GCSE scores in comparison to private education. 

It is clear from Bermuda Statistics that education is one of the key areas that leads to the gap in earnings between Bermudians and ex-pats. 

So what does Government decide to do??  Cut educations budget!  Let’s put Bermudians at a further disadvantage!  Government needs to be cutting costs elsewhere like civil service not sitting in first class (I was pretty shocked when I read they travel in first class to begin with!), not Education.


Monday morning news

January 11, 2010

I awoke to headlines of another road fatality and shooting…were these not the same headlines I read Monday of last week?  I can’t help but wonder if these headlines will become a recurring theme I read every Monday morning?


Footage of Court Street shooting

December 20, 2009

Police have release the CCTV film of the court street shooting which can be found on Royal Gazette’s website here.  Police are asking for witnesses to come forward and identify the shooter claiming about seven people would have seen the shooter.  However, if you look at the footage I don’t think that many people saw the shooter.  The guy on the bike wasn’t facing the shooter – looks as though he heard the gun shots and drop off. Same with the van driver on the other side of the road.  There was a stream of cars parked so it’s entirely possible the van driver didn’t get a good look either.  Whom ever he was aiming for ran off rather quickly.  If it were me I don’t think I would have stood around too long to get a good look at the guy.  The interesting thing is the shooter went into C&R Discount store for a brief second before coming out and opening fire.  I wonder if the store has a video camera pointing at the entrance which might get better footage.  I would hope so after the shooting previous to this.  The unfortunate thing with the CCTV cameras is that you don’t really get many facial details – just a gist of what went down.

In the same article:

Superintendent Antoine Daniels said yesterday that Shane Minors, who was murdered on Thursday, was shot more than once but lay undetected for five hours outside his home in the heavily populated South Terrace, Friswells Hill neighbourhood.

Mr. Daniels said there was no accuracy to radio and television reports indicating a silencer was used.

“That is not true, gunshots were heard around one a.m.” he said. Police were not notified until 6 a.m

So it looks as though my previous thoughts on this may have been somewhat accurate. The past few days have been quiet.  Interestingly, I find the traffic on the roads moving faster than usual – guess people think the police are too busy with other things, like searching for the mole that leaked the government building purchase as Christian pointed out.


Royal Gazette Injunction Article

December 18, 2009

The RG has released the article they had the injection over. Government is in talks to buy the Swan building for $25 million.  Doesn’t seem like the appropriate economic climate to be buying out private developer who got stuck in the economic crunch…but what else is new? Guess Government is hoping for another shooting over the weekend to brush this under the carpet, ‘this too shall pass’ right?!

Although, it is nice to see Paula Cox finding her voice and opposing this plan.

Oh I like this one:

Mr. Burgess told a press conference after last month’s Throne Speech that Government would be investing in the purchase of buildings so it could cut the $12 million it spends annually on rent.

“This important initiative will reduce costs through decentralisation of offices within the City of Hamilton,” he said.

So how is the Swan building decentralisation of offices??


A statement from the Illustrious One

December 18, 2009

Speaking for the first time since Mr. Cann and Mr. Minors were murdered, Premier Ewart Brown issued a two-line statement.

It said: “For every life lost to violence in our community, we suffer the pain as a Country.

“I extend condolences on behalf of the Government to the family and friends of the latest victim.”

Thanks for that vote of confidence that Government is working to towards a solution to the issue! 

On a side note, I find it very interesting that Shane Minors was shot at 1:15am, but police weren’t notified until 6:15am.  Yet, he apparently had no gang ties other than his brother’s possible participation in a gang.  I have a sneaky suspicion that someone from that gang was notified to try to garner retribution for his death. Only after no such luck were the police notified.


More CCTV cameras

December 17, 2009

I enjoyed this article yesterday in the Royal Gazette. The Corporation of Hamilton is going to purchase an additional 86 CCTV cameras worth $550,000 to total 122 cameras in less than a square mile radius.  Let’s throw more money at the crime problem in hopes of a solution shall we!  Let me ask you this…how many crimes have been solved with the current CCTV cameras that are up and about?  I haven’t heard of any?!  Is anyone actually monitoring these things? Diane Gordon from the Chamber of Commerce hit the nail on the head:

I will say however, that unless the CCTV is supported by trained policing, and there is a swift response where and when necessary, the additional coverage will be considered useless.


In summary…

December 17, 2009

Apparently, according to radio news there was another shooting and murder early this morning.   Awaiting further details… 

I’ve had a glimpse at this mornings paper…where to begin? Dill was found guilty and will be serving an automatic life sentence. Dill’s mother commenting on how he was a happy kid.  Sounds similar to other mothers with the ‘not my kid’ routine, but Dill’s mother didn’t really raise him, his grandmother did, and she didn’t live with him.  Doesn’t sound as though she was that involved with his upbringing from an outsider looking in. 

The increase in crime and violence stems from a number of issues: lack of parenting, lack of discipline, lack of eduction and the list goes on – all of which everyone knows of, but nothing is being done to address them. I stumbled upon this quote in a Toronto Star article that sums it up nicely:

“Our kids are a mess…They are overmedicated, overindulged, overweight, overentertained, undereducated, underachieving, underdisciplined, disrespectful, illiterate brats with a sense of entitlement that is crippling society.”

The Royal Gazette’s injunction is for a 72-hour period…so hopefully we’ll know more by Saturday morning.  In the meantime, rumors are flying over what said article could be about.  Unfortunately, with this government, the list is quite long!


Set for a record…

December 16, 2009

We’re up to three shooting incidents in less than 24 hours – with the addition of the one on Court Street this morning.  Rumors are flying there was another shooting this morning in Warwick, but I have not found word from a reliable source that this is the case….

I again request all that read this blog – to attend the Peace March.  Let’s get some action on this issue and less talk about the how to resolve it!


We’re up to sixteen

December 16, 2009

That’s right – sixteen shootings since May of this year, who would have ever thought, here in Bermuda? Unfortunately, I can only see things get worse before they get any better, if they get better.  With the Premier set to point fingers every time there’s another shooting I can’t see much being done even with anti-gang experts on the way.   At the moment, it appears the shootings appear to be between rival gangs. It will only be a matter of time before something like this happens in Bermuda – Toronto Boxing Day Shooting.  Only then, I fear, people of this island will stand up united that something needs to be done. 

I went to the Peace March last Friday – what amazed me, was the number of responses along the lines of ‘That’s it!’, ‘Why didn’t more people come out?’ to the Royal Gazette’s article stating close to 100 out for Peace March.  My question to them is – where were you?  Bermudians are quick to point out the increase in violence is unacceptable. However, when it comes to actually doing something about it – most do nothing. If you missed out on last Friday’s Peace March, there is another rally this Friday – here are the details:   

Friday December 18th – Rally for Peace
By Bermuda Youth Peace Builders Network
Par-la-ville Park
With live entertainment by Chewstick, DJ’s and performances.

I suggest all of you that are tired of the increase in violence come out and support Youth Net and the Bermuda Youth Peace Builders Network at this rally.  Show government that this is unacceptable and something actually needs to be DONE, not just discussed and deliberated.


This too shall pass

December 11, 2009

The naivety of out Premier never seizes to amaze me!  The Royal Gazette came out with an article quoting the Premier claiming that the Uighur issue and protests have passed.  Does he not realize the increased unrest and frustration this issue caused, it’s the icing on the cake!  I completely agree with Kim Swan’s statement that:

What has not passed for us is the deliberate abuse of the rules of this land by the Premier and the fact that his party let him get away with it.

It may be the case that hundreds of people aren’t standing on the lawn of the House of Assembly over the Uighur issue – but more and more Bermudians have had enough with the direction this island is taking. They are tired of experts and reports that the Government commissions and then never acts on!  The Peace March on the House today tackling increased crime and violence on the island.  A new party has formed in the last six months which appears to be growing and increasing in momentum. A record number of residents wrote in regarding the lack of retroactivity, among other issues, with PATI. The Uighur issue may appear to have ‘passed’ in the eyes of our naive Premier and the PLP, but Bermudians took note and are fed up!  At least this one is…